Making Opera Work on Linux

Last week I switched to using Linux( Fedora Core 6 ) as my main operating system. One of my setup parameters was to use Opera for my browser, because I loved it on Windows. My first hurdle was dns resolution. DNS was taking too long to resolve. As it turns out, my linux install was still looking for IPv6 addresses and once I got that turned off DNS starting working quite well. Next on my list was Flash Player 9. As a flash developer and code czar, this was a necessity. Everything I currently make is in Flash 8 and there is no such thing as flash player 8 for Linux. This was actually very easy, so nothing to see here. A new issue is cropping up more and more though. Opera just becomes unresponsive. It will just stop working and the only thing to do is force quit. This is definately linked to specific pages but I haven't done enough research into why. One ironic twist is that when I search 'linux opera unresponive' at it becomes unresponsive when I scroll down the list about half way. I like the Opera browser enough to attempt to find solutions but if I can't find any soon I may have to go back to firefox and start using plug-ins to make it work like opera. Of course, then I'll have to transfer all my mail into thunderbird or evolution and I'm not looking forward to that*.

If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear from you.

* I guess I don't HAVE TO but we'll see

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