Words from the past - translated

If you like the history channel, but not history class, I think I have found a link for you. Over at the XKCD Blag ( yep, that's blag not blog ) there is something quite unique, a translation to present day english of President George Washington's farewell letter to the people of the United States of America( colloquialisms and all ). It is both fun and educational. After reading it you might even find yourself wanting to read the original.

Here is a sample:


Elections are coming up, and it’s time to figure out who we wanna give the keys to. I figure it might clear things up if I take a sec to explain why I’m not running.

Now, I care about the future, don’t get me wrong, and thanks for your trust so far. I just think me quitting is a good idea on all counts.

I’ve been president twice now, and I didn’t want to do it either time. I tried to quit the first time, but the country was in trouble and every single person around me begged me to stay on.

I’m glad to say we’re pretty much in the clear now and I can get out of here without getting screamed at or letting things fall apart completely.

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