Governor Bill Richardson

I don't watch it often, but tonight I watched The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. I missed the beginning of his interview but I caught the last part of Governor Bill Richardson. If I were to say he was a breath of fresh air, the very fact that that statement is cliche would reduce the sense of what I felt. It felt good to listen to him speak. ...

He spoke quite eloquently, without speaking over anyones head. He spoke with passion without losing his temper. He spoke about change and it seemed like he held himself responsible for it. I only saw him interview for less than 5 minutes.

He got me curious with his statements regarding our dependence on foreign oil. Though he did mention reducing our dependence on foreign oil, he also talked about America being a little more green. In a politically risky move, he said we might have to change our ways in order to reduce our dependence. He didn't say it like I do, when he said it I felt like it wouldn't be that bad. If felt very peaceful about the types of changes he was discussing. That's powerful communication.

So, being curious, I checked out his website - The first thing that caught my eye was his new "Job Interview" advertisements. These ads doing a good job of showing off his qualifications without the usual feel of a political commercial.

His website is well layed out so that you can easily look a little bit deeper than a commercial. Make sure to check out his views on some of the major issues we are dealing with as a country. Much like what I saw while he spoke on The Tonight Show. His words were realistic and yet seemed achievable. Even in his disagreements with current policy, his words showed great tact. A true diplomat.

I don't know many of the candidates yet. I've only just begun to look. From what I see, Governor Bill Richardson looks like somebody who deserves a lot of our attention. He looks like someone who will get a lot done. He looks like he will bring the country back together. He looks like he could raise the respect that the international community has for the USA. Finally, he has been nominated for the nobel peace prize 4 times - that speaks volumes right there.

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