Give Blood

When I was training at Ohio Valley Wrestling, one guys always wore a shirt that said "Give Blood" in somewhat halloweenish writing. Because of the font choice and the fact that he was a wrestler, our first thought was that it was a parody shirt based on someone's gimmick. It was actually a t-shirt for a real, honest to goodness blood drive that probably took place sometime around halloween. ...

Yesterday I gave blood. Every couple of months a bloodmobile goes to my wifes work and she makes sure I'm signed up. Giving blood is a very easy thing to do and it is worth doing often.

My blood type is O positive, which is almost universal. Because of this it is always in short supply and and I try my best to remember to give. Not to mention, with a mother who is a nurse I have learned the importance of blood and organ donation. Blade comics and movies aside, I know it is doing someone good and most likely saving a life.

If you have a problem with blood or needles, giving blood might not be for you, but if you don't and have never done it you should be able to call the Red Cross at 1-800-GIVE-LIFE or visit their website at to sign yourself up.

If anyone has comments on giving blood, such as appreciating it, how easy it is, or even issues you might not understand I'd love to read your comments.

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