The New Experiment

A few months back I ended my attempt to use Linux exclusively. It just didn't work for what I needed it to do. At that time I mentioned that if I wanted to use a different operating system, I would get a Mac. Something happened since then, it is called Feisty Fawn. The newest Ubuntu Linux Distro. It seems to have added a lot of energy to the Linux Desktop movement. Enough, in fact, to get me looking again. ...

After reading article after article about how-to this or how to that in Ubuntu, I finally downloaded the live CD. I used the live CD a little and was impressed with how easy it seemed to work. It really did seem like Linux anybody could use. My only concern was trying to set up a dual boot system with it, so I could do my testing. Not to mention, Linux is still not capable of playing EQ2. So, although my interest was peaked, I just let my interest wane.

A short while later Fedora came out with Fedora 7. While it didn't have as cool of a nickname as 'Zod', I was drawn to it more than Ubuntu. I'm not sure why, maybe it is just the name. As far as hats go, Fedora's are dang cool. I miss the one I used to have. Anyway, I took a look and I decided to take the plunge again. However, this time I wasn't going to try to make it my main desktop. I was just going to tinker.

After using it a while, I can definately say Linux is ready for the desktop. Since most users don't do much, other than read email, write documents and spreadsheets. If you are worried about playing MP3s and other restricted codec, go with Ubuntu - they have made it very easy to get those codecs while Fedora sticks to their philosophies of Open Source very well. However, if you don't already have MP3s ( or you don't even use them ), either should do well for most purposes.

If you do go with Fedora ( Perhaps you are a hat lover ), then you might want to check out The Perfect Desktop - Fedora 7. The Perfect Desktop is a great article that helps you convert from Windows to Fedora 7.

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