Often times, inspiration comes when and where you are not looking for it. Inspiration may unearth a desire for you to take actions you have not yet taken. You may have noticed that much of my inspiration recently has come from parkour. Once again I found inspiration in parkour, but parkour isn't the only inspiration that came to me. ...

I found this recent inspiration on Demon, a traceur and member of the tribe from Colorado, got a chance to train in France with some of the Yamakasi. Not only did he get to go on this parkour pilgrimage, but he took the time to write about his account of the training.

Some of the inspiring parts of his post came from the way the yamakasi trained. Thinking of doing a drill eleven times as really doing 10 + 1. Making sure to do difficult movements at least 3 times instead of just once to prove to yourself that you can. Thinking that the real training, much of it mental, comes after you are physically tired. The usefulness of training by yourself or with others. This was all great information that has inspired me to train more intensely.

The suprising inspiration came not from parkour, but from the writing of the article. Many of my posts, including this one, are written fairly quickly while I have a break during the day. From reading many other postings online, it looks like most people do the same thing - even for professional sites. Demon's article was different. He obviously put a lot of time into organizing his thoughts and putting together an article that many different people could read and get something from. His writing of that article inspired me to work towards writing better posts in my own blog.

So as I go onto my 100th post, I will take the time and improve my writing ability. Even short articles can have a little extra time expended on them to polish them up.

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