The best gets better

The best return promo, at least we think it's a return promo, just got a little better. WWEs "The Code" promo, along with other signs, pointed to Chris Jericho coming to save the WWE(again) last night on Raw. While Chris Jericho was in Philadelphia promoting his new book, A Lion's Tale: Around the World in Spandex, he did not show up at last night's live television taping. Oh, how the best gets better.


The only thing WWE could do wrong is do nothing with this promo and let it slide. If it isn't Jericho and it turns out to be Edge, who looks to be coming back very soon from the Unforgiven ads, then it can be used to solidify his heel status. Imagine him coming out in his cocky fashion and making fun of everyone who thought it was Jericho coming out. From there you could do so much, especially if Jericho is coming back soon. And really, you could do something like this with anybody other than Jericho.

If it is Jericho, the WWE can just sit tight and let the tension build. The tension will break the minute he comes out that curtain. Since Jericho is a heatseeker, even though the fans really want to love him, he could use this to his advantage and mock all the fans for not reading the signs clearly. I can almost see it now,"I made it clear when and where I would return. The monkeys in the truck showed the special videos I made. Are you too stupid to see the signs of your own salvation?". Okay so maybe that was the best Jericho impression Deacon could do but hey maybe the promos are for my return to wrestling in the WWE and nobody told me.

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