Republican CNN/YouTube debates

It was suppose to be in September but some people were afraid of the format. Others didn't find snowmen dignified. Many thought CNN to be too liberally biased. Well it is now almost December and we have finally had the CNN/YouTube debates for the Republicans. ...

Last time the full debates we're easily available in .flv format and I was able to set it up so you could view the democratic youTube debate in its entirety. This time CNN has changed format again and only let's you watch edited bits and pieces of the debate in their player.

They do, however, allow you to download the debates in either m4v or wmv format. The debate is split into 2 parts and can be downloaded at along with links to the edited pieces.

Here are the direct links:
M4V - part 1 - part 2
WMV - part 1 - part 2

It would be really nice to have something like this held for 3rd party candidates. Especially if it has enough advertising.

The Debate Issue

UI vs. UE