Campaign Withdrawals

I was busy moving this weekend so I missed Dennis Kucinich's withdrawal from the Presidential Race on Friday the 25th. He has decided to focus on keeping his seat in congress. In his speach he also talked about a new organization that will be started called Integrity Now. I don't know what it is but the name sounds good, of course so does No Child Left Behind so take that with a grain of salt. ...

Another withdrawal from the Presidential race, Dr. Jared Ball. This notice is even more belated than the Kucinich posting because I didn't have a good topic to post it. Dr. Ball has decided to throw his support behind Cynthia McKinney. He said as much in his closing arguments at the Green Party Debate on January 13th but made it official later in the week.

I said in my follow up article to the debate that Dr. Ball has the voice of a revolutionary. He could get many people voting that have felt, in the past, that their vote did not count. Keep up the good work Jared.

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