Parkour/David Belle at New Yorker Festival 2007

The New Yorker has always seemed a bit uppity for me. That cover they always show in their ads just makes me think that. In other words, there is no basis in fact. So it came as a suprise to me to find a parkour video available at the New Yorker's website. It's great video that includes a good interview as well as audience question session with David Belle. ...

What I like about this is how much it shows the patience one must have while practicing parkour. In parkour videos it looks so easy, but it rarely shows the months and years of practice that go into those gravity defying moves. David Belle even talks about having vertigo when he first started training and how many of the people starting out, that we see in the video, are better than he was whe he began his journey. To top it all off, not all the parkour in the video is fluid. In fact, most of it is a bit more realistic as to what a person should expect of themselves in the beginning.

This video and links to other New Yorker parkour links can be found at

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