Ralph Nader at the RNC Rally

Ralph Nader hosted another Open The Debates rally during the week of the Republican National Convention. While I did get a chance to watch it live via the intertubes, the sound was awful. The whole time I was trying to fix their audio problem as an armchair engineer and it made most of the speeches, especially from the more boisterous talkers ( I'm talking to you with love Rosa Clemente ), tough to swallow. Luckily the live audio was much better and the Nader campaign has released a video with some of the highlights of the night ( plus 98° which I don't consider a highlight :) ). ...

Some of my favorite parts of this video, other than Ralph, are Matt Gonzalez for bringing the point of minor party candidates to the forefront and Jesse Ventura. I like Jesse, not just for being a professional wrestler turned politician but, for giving a concrete example of the fact that minor party candidates can matter.

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Ralph Nader DNC Rally