Voting with Glassbooth

As you may have read in my previous post, I voted Saturday. In passing I mentioned that my mind had been changed on my choice for President. The main thing that made me change my mind was It is worth taking a look at regardless of your situation.

For instance if...'ve already selected your candidate and you are not changing your mind:

Check out what some of the issues are and how your candidate stacks up to them. Regardless of who gets elected it is up to you make your values take shape in your government.'re on the fence about who to vote for:
Check out where you stand and see which candidates stand closest to you, then vote for that candidate. just want to learn about more of the actual issues:
The site is set up so that each question has links to information about the issues so you can make up your own mind. live in Wisconsin and you want information about the Senate and House races:
The site defaults to the US Presidential election but there is also information on Senate and House races in Wisconsin and a section about New Zealand. I'd love something like this for all my local elections.

For me I first used the site the traditional way. I used my 20 points to pick the issues that were most important to me then rated my stances on those issues and their sub-issues. After my initial results I wanted to make sure it would remain consistant for all categories, since the results were different than expected. I went through and put 20 points in each category. My results were consistant in almost every one. didn't change my vote, but it gave me the information to change my vote when I voted.

Participation in Politics

I voted, thank goodness its over.