Knight Rider - my guilty pleasure

As a kid I loved watching Knight Rider. So when the new version came on the air this season I made a point to watch it. My initial reaction? It was trash. KITT ( Knight Industries Three Thousand ) transforms, the lead characters are getting undressed before the first commercial break, KITT is so tricked out in battle mode he looks like some VW engineer is going to unmpimp the auto. Things changed though when I started describing it to someone and I made the comment that it is Knight Rider and I shouldn't have expected it to be Firefly. Then it hit me, the old KITT ( Knight Industries Two Thousand ) did transform in battle mode, although it was just adding a spoiler. As for the highly sexually charged show? I seem to remember the Hoff getting it on with a new lady just about every episode. ...

With these thoughts in mind I decided to keep watching. Thanks to my favorite video site, Hulu, this is a breeze and they do earn some money for me watching. Knight Rider is an enjoyable show. It is still more about how cool KITT is there is a ton of sexual tension between many characters, but I'm okay with that. In fact, KITT is cool and that is reason enough to watch it. His upgrades are nice ( plausability be damned ) and his voice is done by Iceman himself, the Real Genius, Val Kilmer. That's pretty cool and I think he voices it well.

Last weeks episode brought up the fact that KARR is has a new version well. KITT nerds are happy about that.

My biggest concern when I was first watching the show was the theme song. Given my history, that is no suprise. That was one area they nailed and I love watching the theme song sequence. So the following video is the theme sequence cued up from this weeks show.

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