Just another Magic Monday: Jeff McBride

Many weeks ago, I had the bright idea of checking youTube for some magic performances. One of the first I found worth mentioning was Lance Burton from The Best of Magic. A few weeks after that I had the bright idea of seeing what else was under the Best of Magic. First off, I stayed up for a long time watching these when I probably should have been sleeping. They were just so amazing and diverse. There was your standard stage magic by The Pendragons, humorous magic with Kohl & Co., a peaceful and impressive table routine by Hiroshi Sawa, and a great psuedo mime routine by Tina Lenert. There was also many more with some of the greats in magic, after all the show was The Best of Magic! One piece floored me though. The piece of Jeff McBride doing one of his mask routines. Amazing work with great mime and I was hooked, so I thought I'd share some with you. ...

I know that when I was younger, the above routine would have been too artsy for me. So I've added a second video from The World's greatest magic that also has some awesome card manipulations.

Working on my style

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