Push Your Cause: Universal Healthcare

I have a friend at work who is a Libertarian and doesn't really like the idea of Universal Healthcare. He has a well-earned mistrust of government programs. I on the other hand believe in it whole heartedly because the system as it stands now has already shown its failings. In the coming year, with thousands losing their jobs, the numbers of people without health insurance will skyrocket and the health of our nation will suffer. When people are frightened for their own health many horrors will become apparent. People will die for one reason only, they have no way to pay for their medical care. Hospitals will close because there isn't enough money to support the hospital in smaller communities. People will have to travel even further for medical care, raising the cost of their care. More people will die because they can't make it too these distant hospitals fast enough. These events aren't made up, they are happening now. Many hospitals are bleeding money and are already cutting many different types of services to try and stay afloat. The numbers of people being laid off are astounding and without a job there is no way they can afford the joke that is Cobra. With thousands of others in the same market with the same skills looking for jobs it may be difficult to find one that allows them to do more than slow their descent into the poor house. So if you into Universal Healthcare, do your part and push H.R. 676 with your Representatives ( and Senators ). ...

Inform yourself and others by reading:
H.R. 676
and these three articles:

and by watching these excellent videos on H.R. 676. Pass them along in emails, on blogs, facebook and myspace pages. If you create videos on youtube, do one on national health care yourself:

Write a letter -- not an email -- in your own words to your member of Congress stating that you'd like their commitment to vote for H.R. 676. If your member of Congress is a co-sponsor of the bill, express your support for that stand.
President-elect Obama has asked for volunteers around the country to host discussion groups on the health care issue during the last half of December. Attend a discussion in your area and make the argument for single payer. Click here for more information.

For more information keep watching November5.org.

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