Just Another Magic Monday: Angela Funovits

As an professional wrestler, musician and now magician I've noticed that men are usually at the forefront of the field. Women are there, but they are often times just eye candy or in the case of magic eye candy misdirection. That's why when a female performer makes a name for herself at the top of the field it's usually quite amazing. Enter Angela Funovits. She is a woman who, according to her bio, always wanted to be a magician's assistant so she worked hard to be the best she could be. One day she realized that her abilities were beyond magician's assistant and she should be the magician. To top it all off, she also knows how to use her feminine wyle's for a little eye candy misdirection. ...

Angela seems to be a true artist beyond magic. She is a photographer, a cook and it seems she designs clothes and apparel. What's next for Ms. Funovits? Medical degree?

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