Geek Fruit Salads

A friend of mine at work and I were talking about healthy geek foods and of course we started talking about apples. When I came in the next day he had made a few salad recipes that I thought I would share with you. He said these recipes are open source - completely. So without further ado, here are the open source geek fruit salads created by Devon Scott. ...

The Java Applet
Cubed Juicy Red Delicious Apples Mixed with Chocolate covered Coffee Beans

The Web Server Serving
Sweet Apache Corn Mixed with diced PHP Pears

The Mac Classic
Sliced Mandarin Oranges mixed with Sweet Blueberries and Sliced Cinnamon Coated Macintosh Apples

The Variabowl
String Steamed Noodles Mixed with Honey Nut 0's and topped with Soft Dates

The Firewall
Sweet Steamed Honey rice and Walnuts covered by Spicy Sauteed Peppers, Mushrooms and Onions drizzled in Hot Sauce

What's next? We need some pictures to go along with this post.

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