Fanatical Support Creates Fanatical Customers

The past few months have been somewhat of a whirlwind at work. The person who was handling IT and server issues is no longer here so much of that duty has fallen to me. While I have some basic knowledge of how things work, I'm a much better programmer than server admin. Also, we starting publishing stuff to the cloud - The Rackspace Cloud. Then we began moving our clients mail services off of their servers and started using Mail Trust and all this while migrating every domain off of an old server to a newer server. All I have to say is thank goodness for Rackspace and their fanatical support. In learning how to best manage our servers, I've learned to rely on Rackspace and their expertise, rather than attempting to teach myself the necessary skills. Plus, they are always doing their best to handle requests for things they are not even required to do. Then when the cloud came there were many unknowns for us, but the benefits were to great to pass up. Once again, Rackspace - having bought the Mosso cloud - has made the transition fairly easy. As for email, our clients were very worried at first - and rightly so. Email is the communication pipeline of many businesses. Now our clients are singing the praises of a much better email system and Rackspace makes it much easier to support. Finally, in regards to server migration. Well, server migration sucks anyway because there is so much time involved but moving SSL certificates and Unique IPs was a breeze ( for me anyway ) thanks to Rackspace. In fact, the migration was finished ahead of schedule.

Rackspace and their fanatical support reminds me of a book I read once - Raving Fans by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles. There fanatical support makes them worth every penny we spend with them.

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