That's Magic - Just Another Magic Monday

This week's JAMM post is a little different than posts we have done in the past. In the past I've shown magician performing magic that amazed me and I wanted to share. This week I got a link from the magician I respect the most, Jeff McBride, on facebook. His message said,

"Just came across this remarkable video: find 15 minutes and watch this short-length movie, I think it's worth it"

As I watched it, especially near the end I kept thinking of words I have heard Jeff say time and again.

I believe magic is all around us.

He is so right. As a magician myself, this is the energy I love tapping into as I perform. I hope I can continue to see the magic all around me as I delve more into my own magical journeys.

Please take 15 minutes and watch this, whether you are into magic or not.  It is a beautiful short film with high production values. It is a powerful piece that has tapped into the magic it is trying to portray.

That's Magic! from Brandon McCormick on Vimeo.

The music from this short film is available at:

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