You (Auto) Complete Me

Auto-completing text input fields have made all sorts of applications much easier to use. For search engines, it really helps because we often aren't alone in our quests for knowledge. Auto-completion lets us see very popular searches.[ad#Google Search] A few weeks ago I read a post that said,"Go to Google and start typing is there." Having a sense that there was something interesting to see I did just that. I typed in is there and the autocomplete field showed me some interesting possible ways to complete my search.

Is there anyway I can get this popular guy to get me pregnant

At first you might be thinking to yourself,"Why does anyone care about Transformers 3" but you are probably really thinking,"Oh My God! Is that really a popular enough search to be first?" That was my first thought, but my second thought was

"What other things can I type in to find ridiculous autocomplete results?"

I searched for a bit and found some funny stuff and I shared some of them with my co-workers. The next day someone pointed me to A new site had already sprung up to catalog this phenomena.

There are some great ones, such as when you start by typing in,"I like to t"

Role playing is so fun

Not only did someone want to share their dinosaur role playing habits, but some others have an interest in Jesus that isn't what I'm used to.
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I've seen these results myself, and they are surprisingly real. Are people really typing these things in or is this just a little bit of Google employee humor? I'm guessing its a little of both. Have you seen any interesting results come up in an auto-complete field? If so please share in the comments, maybe you could even take a screen capture and submit it to

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