Cult of MacGyver?

Who needs bottle opener when you have ingenuity? One of my favorite shows from when I was a kid was MacGyver. I know many people are a fan of the show. Even people who only watched an episode or two ( maybe they never watched it ) understand what a MacGyverism is. I am sure the show led some people into a life of science, or at least ingenuity.

The site There, I Fixed It shows the lower end of people's ingenuity. Some stuff is a total win, but most stuff is fodder for For instance, the item in the picture that starts this post is a neat solution to someone needing a bottle opener. At the lower end of the spectrum ingenuity usually collides with procrastination, laziness and budgetary concerns.

An example of one of these lower end "solutions" is the following example. When your bathroom sink is broken or missing what's your first thought? Is it,"If only I had a plastic bin and some duct tape I could take care of this problem." Probably not, but some people do think this. [ad#Google Adsense]

Stow and go hygiene!

In the world of programming, non-elegant solutions that get the job done ( and usually make the code less stable ) are called kludges. There, I Fixed It! is a wonderful kludge collection. Some kludges, make you smile and others make you laugh. There are some, though, that make you cringe. You cringe because you are scared for your and other people's safety.

For example, some people insist on fixing their own cars.

So for a laugh and a cringe check out or subscribe to its RSS feed. Enjoy.

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