The Gift of Magic - Just another magic Monday

In my attempt to keep with the theme of the holiday season this week I tried to look for some holiday magic. A search for holiday magic in google let's you know all the different things that magic means to people. In some ways that is enlightening. Holiday or Christmas illusion does not yield much better results. Feeling a bit disheartened in my quest, I almost gave up. Then I remembered something I had heard from one of Jeff McBride's videos. Magic is a gift. Then I searched for ,"The Gift Of Magic". One of the first things I found was this video which shows how much of a gift it has been for one magician by the name of Bill Rollins. It seems he had the good fortune to attend McBride's Magic and Mystery School and decided to write a poem and share it via youTube as a thank you. [youtube=] This poem is awesome, and could almost move into one of my Wednesday Warriors posts. The issue of mentors is often a big missing in this world. But as they say

When the student is ready the teacher appears

For any of you interested in magic, here is a little Hogwart'sesque advertisement video for the school. [youtube=] [ad#Ellusionist] And for those of you buying gifts for the magician in your life ( eh, hem - I think my family knows who I am talking to :) ) and wish to give them the gift of magic they do have gift certificates available. For those of you more magically inclined though, remember that magic is a gift that we bring into people's lives. So give joyfully this holiday season.

Have a magical season :)

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