Watching Wrestling Again

It has been a long time since I've watched wrestling with any regularity since I myself retired from the ring.  Occasionally something would bring me back for a short while. Jericho's code breaker return had me watching for a short while but I never quite kept up watching. The main reason? 2 little boys who I thought it wasn't good to watch wrestling with them because of their ages. Lately though I've noticed a couple things, one I miss wrestling and two my 4 year old loves wrestling more than I ever did and he's hardly watched it. So after reading Jericho's book I decided watching wrestling with my boys is part of being a good father. They enjoy it anyway and who better to teach them to be smart while watching it than a former wrestler?

So going back to wrestling is tough for 2 reasons. The first is I have no idea what is going on in any of the story lines. This is easily fixed by watching because they constantly remind you why every rivalry is where it is. The other tough thing about watching wrestling is - who the heck are these guys ( and gals )?  I honestly don't know who many of them are and some people have changed so much they might as well be new guys.

Here is my review after watching 2 Smackdowns, a Superstars and part of Bragging Rights ( still working on watching it all with the kids ).

First off my almost 7 year old hates Cody Rhodes and told me, "If I hear the word 'dashing' one more time I'm going to go crazy."  Of course, as a heel myself this gave me great respect for Cody and his "Dashing" gimmick. It's nothing new but he does it well.

I'm so glad to see Santino Marella is over with the crowds and still being a goofball.  The few times I did turn on wrestling over the past few years he's been extremely entertaining.  I loves me a good goofball and had some great comedic matches with a few myself.

The Nexus storyline with John Cena has my interest peaked.  What direction are they going to go? Admittedly, I haven't finished Bragging Rights and they may have culminated some of my suspicions there with the Heavyweight title match.  Though my kids and I got a kick out of the tag team match where Cena won all by himself.

All in all there is some really great new talent in the WWE right now that I haven't really seen much of. Its nice to see the burden is no longer on the shoulders of attitude era wrestlers - though they still seem to be given it from time to time.  Here's looking forward to more wrestling adventures with the kids.

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