Digital vs. Analog Magic

One of the joys of watching magic is trying to figure out how it is done. Sometimes people have a good idea and sometimes they are way off. In this world of CGI and Photoshop people often think all video magic is done with digital trickery. I recently shared a Jason Latimer Buick ad that had to tell people up front there was no digital trickery due to the fact that people would most likely think that is the case. The truth is, some magic is done through digital means and others use the old fashioned "analog" methods. Can you tell which ones are which? [ad#Ellusionist]

Join Scam School's Brian Brushwood through a series of 8 pieces of magic. Some digital and some not. See if you can tell which are "analog" and which are digital.

Which ones are which? Tell me in the comments below. Flabbergasted? Share it in the comments below. Either way, let us know what you are thinking with regards to magic, both analog and digital.

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