Billy Quan - Enter the New Year

Mind Your Manners with Billy Quan logoMy Sunday Funnies posts are usually posted, you guessed it, on Sundays. However, with January 1st being on a Sunday I decided to post an early version of the post as a New Year's service announcement. I have posted a few things from Almost Live! in the past. With 2012 being the year of the dragon (or at least it will be on January 23rd) I thought I'd provide the message via a psuedo-Chinese themed skit they often did on the show, Mind Your Manners with Billy Quan.

This episode of Mind Your Manners features Billy (played by Darrell Suto) getting ready for a New Year's Eve party. Suddenly a party crasher (John Keister) comes along and ruins his party before it even starts. Billy then proceeds to teach him some manners, Billy Quan Style.

Unfortunately, embedding has been disabled by request on this video so you'll have to watch it over on youtube. I hate that setting but at least the video is worth the extra click. [youtube]

Resolutions and Chimp Magic

Resolutions and Chimp Magic

Its getting real...funny