Magic Monday: An Ha

Two Things about me

Anyone who has been reading my blog for a while knows two things about me. One, I am a francophile. Two, my favorite type of magic is sleight of hand and when it comes to the stage that shows up in card manipulation routines quite often.

Taking care of the francophile who likes magic

France 2 has a show called Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde that I've most likely shown at least once before in a JAMM post.

This JAMM post takes us to Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde with an awesome display of card manipulation by An Ha. The routine starts off pretty standard for card manipulation routines but then moves on. He adds color and rhythm in such a jaw dropping way. By the end he gets a well deserved standing ovation. Many fellow magicians look on with childish grins on their faces.



I hope you've enjoyed this video. Please let me know what you liked or didn't about it. Better yet, join me at JAMM Live coming up this next Wednesday and let me know what you think live.

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