What to write, what to write

It has been a while since I have written in my blog. How many of my blog posts start with this or something similar? It's not like I don't have anything to write. I'm up at night all the time because my mind is racing. Here are some of the things that keep me up at night pondering and that I have plenty to write about:

  • Male/Female interactions - gender studies
  • Attempting to learn French
  • Magic
  • Programming
  • Raising Kids
  • Being a husband
  • Identity
  • Improv
  • Wrestling
  • Stand-up
  • Random cool stuff I want to learn or am pondering
  • Cool people I have in my life
  • Politics

So if I have all this stuff to write, why haven't I? I have a few theories that might be why I have blog writers block.

I'm keeping myself quite busy

While this is true, I have quite a busy life, I have also been spending a lot of time at home doing what amounts to very little. In order to increase my nerd cred I've started watching Doctor Who. I have spent many nights watching 2-3 episodes over the past few weeks. I guess I could reduce that to one. Then there is always the dreaded Facebook refreshing. Even though there isn't much there I keep thinking I'll get a notification any time now. So if I'm not keeping myself so busy that there is not extra time, what else is there?

I've limited my blog

A couple years back, in an attempt to get myself to write more I created a schedule for my blog. This spawned Just Another Magic Monday, Wednesday Warrior, Flash Friday and Sunday Funnies posts. At first, this worked. Then I stopped. Perhaps I don't want a specific schedule, perhaps I just need a check in. There are no hard and fast rules saying I can't post whatever and whenever I want so once again I have an excuse without weight. Any other stops?

Social media makes posting easier somewhere else

I am definitely an oversharer on Facebook and other social networks. I think this is part of the reason I have a Klout score that currently ranks around 60. The fact that I even know that is a sign. It is easy though. Take someone else's content and just share it. Maybe I can add a one sentence opinion. This works but it still leaves my mind full of more flushed out thoughts and opinions that need to be refined and written down so as not to keep me up at nights. In fact, I think it even adds to my list. Especially during a presidential election year such as this.

What now?

I've pinpointed some beliefs that might be keeping me from writing. How can I use this knowledge to write. I can most assuredly only watch a single of Doctor Who (or any television show) to one episode a night. I'm a smart enough individual to know that those Facebook notifications are at least 50% game notifications and can wait until the next day. Nothing too pressing there. There are no hard and fast rules on my blog so I should work towards a schedule of writing anything once or twice a week rather than a schedule of writing something specific that never gets done. As for social media, I need to realize that is a consumption and sharing setup and doesn't really fulfill my creative needs.

It is time to write! Now, what to write?

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