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Daryl plays in Parallel Universe

  • CSz Seattle 3509 Fremont Avenue North Seattle, WA, 98103 United States (map)

It's play time as Daryl and fellow improvisers get to imagine. Imagine all the different ways our universe could be different. Switch something fun with something boring. Let someone else star in a movie. What if that everyday custom never existed. We find out.

Here's the show description:

Right next door to the world we live in is one just like it…but with one small, crucial difference. What if JFK had never gone to Dallas? What if people wrestled instead of shaking hands? What if cheese were a deadly weapon? What if dogs did your taxes? Find out in this fully improvised trip between dimensions. You choose the world we visit, and we show you what life is like there and how that one little detail turns everything we know upside down. If it’s not hilarious when you see it, we guarantee there’s a parallel world where you laughed till it hurt.