I could have called it '5 posts in 5 days' or '5 days of articles' but instead I called it '5 days of posts'. The difference is minor but that difference means I did not keep my word. Today's article is an ontological examination of integrity. The idea came about because I was out of integrity, in a way that most people would say doesn't matter but I've decided to take the other view and talk about why it does. ...

When I decided to do the 5 days of post, I was making a game to help myself actually post to my blog. I had the idea to make 1 post every day for 5 days. That's when I made the post '5 days of posts'. I almost named it '5 days, 5 posts' because that would mean I could take a day off and do 2 articles in 1 day. That wasn't a big enough game. I decided to make a commitment to at least 1 post per day. Since I hadn't made a post in over a month, I hoped it would kick start my writing.

It's no big deal, right. I mean, I've only just started this blog and I don't have any regular readers counting on my articles. The only person who would really know or care is me. Yes, I started writing the article Tuesday at 9:30 PM but I didn't post it until Wednesday at 2:00 AM. Perhaps it isn't clear to others what I meant with '5 days of posts' but I knew that I meant that I would post an article each day for 5 days, yet that didn't happen. That! is the issue. I have not kept my word to myself.

In life, human beings do this all the time. We make promises to ourselves and we don't keep them. We rationalize this by telling ourselves it doesn't matter, but in the back of our head we know we won't always follow through with what we say. This can start a downward spiral that has us play small and set smaller goals. Because we can't trust ourselves. How are we suppose to deal with this, we are bound to make a promise to ourselves, or someone else, that we can not keep? Like all things in life it is not what happens to us that matters but how we deal with it. No matter what happens to us along the way, we need to know that we gave everything to maintain our integrity. We need to learn something from the situation, so that the next time we won't be stopped by whatever it was that kept us from keeping our word. Then we need to repromise, and keep that promise to prove that we are a person of our word.

By following this path we can continue to promise ourselves to commitments that scare the average human. By following this path we can achieve these commitments more often than the average human. By following this path we will be viewed by ourselves and others as having integrity. By following this path we will do what we say we are going to do and sleep better at night.

Play big!

Daryl Ducharme is a student of human nature in the school of life. He is repromising to make at least one post each day for the rest of the '5 days of posts'

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