Great Download for Virtual Desktops in Windows

Now that I have begun using Linux at home, almost exclusively, I have begun to like many of the workflow enhancements it has. One of my favorites is virtual desktops. If you use your computer a lot, and find yourself with several applications open at once, they are worth a look. Unfortunately, your options for Windows are often lacking but recently I found one that seems to do the trick. ...

Once again, I have found a download while perusing the articles at The article talked about a very flexible virtual desktop tool called Dexpot.

To give you a rundown of features I have found so far:
- Allows you to have 2 - 20 virtual desktops.
- You can set rules that make programs and/or their windows go directly to certain desktops.
- If you want a window open on all desktops you can do that. This can be applied to a rule for a program as well( good for Rocketdock )
- Lots of keyboard shortcuts and easy editability of the shortcuts to make it work the way you want it too. I believe it also has some mouse gesture ability, but I haven't checked that part out, since I don't want to get in the way of Opera's mouse gestures.
- OSX expose like ability to show all windows ( or all windows associated with the current active program ) in the current desktop.
- task switcher that can switch through tasks between virtual desktops.
- I haven't checked it out but I believe each desktop can have its own screen resolutions, icons, screensaver, backgrounds and more.

I have had some issues, but those are mostly because of a dual monitor setup, which sadly it does not fully support( but it supports enough ). Those issues are minor enough that I just work around them now that I know about them. There are also a bunch of ways to tweak things so maybe it is user error( it probably is ). It seems to work quite well though, and has made working with several programs much easier to manager.

Check it out for yourself:
Dexpot Website
Download Here

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