The experiment is over

After over a month of trying to make Fedora my main operating system, the experiment is over. ...

I don't remember how long ago I set up my dual boot system with the idea that I was going to use linux exclusively. 1 month maybe 2. Today I have chosen to end that 'experiment'. It didn't start out as an experiment but it sure turned into one. Today I attempted to work from home and found it aggravating to do in linux. Being a flash / flex programmer I have found that linux isn't ready to improve my workflow. The big necessity I need to run, Flash 8, doesn't work with WINE. It might work with crossover office but I'm not going to pay more money to run one program. My latest project has me using Flex Builder 2, which is built on the Eclipse framework but does not work on eclipse for linux. From what I hear, this will most likely change in the future. Adobe is getting more linux friendly. Until then, I'm sticking with my PC, it works without any extra tweaking under the hood to get those programs to work.

Since this blog is brought to you by the fine folks at Opera, I also found it annoying that Opera did not work well in my setup. I ended up using firefox, which is a fine browser, but I like the elegance of Opera. So I will be sending all my preferences and mail back over to my windows install ( which is quite easy ).

Finally, I hated having to shutdown Linux and boot into Windows to play EQ2. This is the major shortcoming of linux in general. Even if it were possible, which it isn't Cedega doesn't even have it working, I never got full 3D acceleration out of my ATI card so I wouldn't have been able to play it anyway.

In conclusion I'd like to say that there were definately things I liked about linux. I obviously like the virtual desktops. If all I wanted to do was surf the internet, check email and create documents it would have been very easy and quick to setup. It only took me 35 minutes, including set up of dual boot. I think, if I want a different OS than Windows, it will probably be a mac.

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