CNN/YouTube Debates

Since I don't have cable I couldn't watch the CNN/YouTube Democratic Debate on Monday Night. Much like the last debates I planned on watching the video from However, when I went to their website today I noticed something, they changed formats since the last debate. Before, they used the windows media format and now they were using flash video. I am a big proponent of flash video, it's truly cross platform ( PC, Mac and Linux ) and it just seems to work better. Their useage didn't, however, allow something that is now well implemented with flash player 9 but was available in the old Windows Media format - Full Screen Video. This really bothered me because I don't want to squint for 2 hours with my face 2 inches from the monitor while my wife and I try to watch the debates and it should have the ability to go full screen if they have the proper version of flash installed ( which is easy to ensure thanks to express updates ). Being who I am and doing what I do I made a player for the debate. It grabs all 4 parts from CNN and allows the watching of the entire debate all in fullscreen if you desire. ...

As you may notice I also took out the commercial at the beginning of each part. Since I did this without permission from I don't know how long this will stay up. If they ask me to set it up with the commercials I will be glad to do that for the right to help distribute something I think is important for every American and many others around the world to see. I plan on doing the same thing with the Republican debate as well unless a better, and legitimate source is available.

Unfortunately, I can't add javascript to my blog page so I am unable to add express update to this page. So if you have problems viewing this page you may need to update your flash player to the most current version. It doesn't take long because Adobe has gone to great lengths to keep the download size to about 1MB.

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