Adding a ControlBar via Actionscript

For a project I am working on I was using a panel component that had a controlBar. Throughout the project I used something similar several times I decided to make a component that I could extend. Being a glutton for punishment( in this situation at least ), I decided to do it in actionscript instead of MXML. All of the sudden it became very difficult to figure out how to add a ControlBar component to the bottom of a panel. ...

Once the difficulty became apparent and I could not find any other successes online I had 2 choices to make it work quickly. My first choice would be to revert to using MXML for the basis of the component and embed the necessary actionscript in a script tag. My other choice was to not use a ControlBar at all. I chose the third option, be stubborn and figure it out.

The thought kept running through my head that it must be possible, it is ultimately done through actionscript. I tried several things, starting with adding -keep to my compile options and viewing the generated actionscript. In the end the generated actionscript helped me because a comment in the Panel.createComponentsFromDescriptors function didn't jive with it.

The Panel.createComponentsFromDescriptors comment was:

Restore the original document. Otherwise, when we re-add the child when the Panel is a custom component, the child will use the custom component as the document instead of using the document in which the child was declared.

However, the generated actionscript had this line:

mx_internal::_document = this;

So maybe, the CustomPanel.controlBar.document property should be the CustomPanel object itself. So I added that to my control bar initalization function and it worked.

private function initControlBar( ):void
var cBar:ControlBar = new ControlBar();
cBar.enabled = true;
cBar.document = this;

// Add stuff to the ControlBar

this.addChild( cBar );

Just make sure this is the last child in your custom panel when it gets initialized. The Panel code checks the last child to see if it is a ControlBar during initialization.
Daryl "Deacon" Ducharme is currently Director of Application Development for the Interactive Agency Provis Media Group, LLC which helps organizations enhance identity, connect with customers and increase productivity.

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