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Resource Bundles and Fonts

If you've been working with Flash for a while, especially FlashBuilder, you've probably heard of resource bundles. If you are like me you heard they had something to do with localization. Then you quickly forgot about them. The truth is they aren't only for localization. In fact, they are a really good way to centralize and manage resources in actionscript project. They also happen to work really well for localization. So if they do more than just localization, what are resource bundles.

Recently, Adobe released version 3.5 of the Flex SDK. I updated a project I was currently working on from 3.3 to 3.5 and I had to reset up my runtime shared library (RSL) for the project. This got me thinking that many people don't know how to properly use RSLs. The world of flex development is better if we all use the the SDK RSLs so that is the topic of today's post

The Open Source Media Framework (OSMF ) is a new open source project managed by Adobe. It's aim is to make the creation of media players a simpler process and to give everyone who uses it access to best practices that they may have missed while rolling their own. I took it for a test drive and here are my first thoughts.