Friday Humor with Tom Wilson

A few days ago I mentioned that one of my favorite movies of the past is Back to the Future. One of the people I've wondered about it Tom Wilson, the guy who played Biff, Griff, and Bufor "Mad Dog" Tannen in the Back to the Future series. I hadn't really seen him in other shows / movies that I've watched. While I may have looked him up on the internet movie database at one point, I didn't see anything that I would remember other than BTTF. After following some links on recently I found out that he is now a comedian. Read more for a video clip. ...

For more videos, you can check out his you tube page or his website.

I've always had a thing for comedians who make me laugh with music. Recently I featured Flight of the Conchords on my site. I grew up listening to Wierd Al Yankovic. I really do laugh out loud when I watch Wayne Brady make up a song on Whose Line is it Anyway. One of my teachers in college has a funny Country/Metal/Rap band called Travis Shredd and the Good ol' Homeboys. In fact he is Travis Shredd ( not a good ole homeboy ). All good stuff, I'd love to hear about more.

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