Runtime CSS with Flex 2

At my work we haven't used CSS much. This is probably because in Flash there isn't as much call for it as there is in HTML work. However, cascading style sheets are used in many HTML type web apps because it makes it easier for a simple application to look dramatically different and thus be reuseable/resellable. With the power of flex, and the simplicity of building apps with flex builder I was wondering how to best go about it. In my modular applications post I mentioned using modules to mimic the functionality, but it is actually even easier than that. ...

Ted Patrick, Adobe System's Flex Evangelist, has a post over at that describes how to use Flex's version of runtime CSS. Check out the article and have some fun.

A great tool for CSS in flex is the Flex Style Explorer. Just select something you would like to style and use the flex based interface to make the changes. Then on the right hand side you should see you CSS.

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