Where's the wellness list?

The most recent controversy for the WWE involves "The List". A list of wrestlers who purchased products from Signature Pharmacy. Signature Pharmacy is the pharmacy under investigation before the Benoit tragedy that now has many, many microscopes on it. The people on this list are either dead, fired, suspended or losing current pushes. Personally, I think the WWE could do well to take all the steps necessary for the public to believe in the companies wellness program. These suspensions and firings are a good start but I've been paying attention to politics enough lately that I don't think it is the right tact for addressing the issue to the fans ( and some intelligent non-fans ). ...

Where is the wellness list? Where is the list of wrestlers who just work their asses off day in and day out and entertain the fans? Where is the list of wrestlers who failed the program and have worked hard to get clean. Where is the list of wrestlers who are on prescription drugs and the medical reasons they are on them?

That last one is definately unlikely, due to privacy issues, but the idea is transparency. The wwe needs to create a website called WWEwellness.com ( it is currently available ) and not only be responsible ( which they say they are being ) but show it clearly and irrefutably. If people refute it, take the necessary steps to cover the point that was brought up.

Steroids and other drug use has plagued the WWE since before it dropped the "F" for and "E". It has probably been an issue since there was an extra "W" as well. However, in those days people didn't know the dangers of some of the drugs that are being found now. In some ways, the drug use is a tradition that has been passed down from a time when people didn't know any better. Now we know better and it is going to take some serious growing pains to get clear of it.

Having been a wrestler, I know many people who think you can only make it if you are big, and that you can only get big through steroid use. I don't agree, even though the widebodies do tend to take center stage at the WWE. Any changes for the better will be uncomfortable for the WWE writers. However, I have faith that the talent, writers and everyone else involved are more than capable of coming up with something even better than they have now. Even better because they don't have this cloud constantly hanging over their heads. Plus the psychology used in the sport will be even better because that will, once again, be the focus.

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