Friday Humor with MC Frontalot

This morning I had no idea what I would put in my Friday humor column until I cam across "It's Pitch Black". Who is Frontalot and what does it mean that it is pitch black. Back before games with all these pretty pictures, in fact before people started to make pictures out of ASCII text there was a game I remember playing on my Apple IIc and on my friends C64/128. The game was Zork. A text adventure game where you go room to room trying to solve puzzles and not be eaten by a grue. If I remember correctly, the game always started with "It is pitch black...".

Frontalot is a nerdcore hiphop artist. This is the first I heard of him, so I guess I'm not as nerdy as I thought. Of course I always thought I was more of a ( band ) geek. Anyway, read on for the video. ...

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