I finally got to see the match where John Cena injured himself. I am not a fan of Cena, but I don't hate him either. Before this match I had respect for him. He is a tweener. And most tweeners don't get the sort of fan reaction he does. People either really love him or they really hate him, there is very little indifference. That is good business, and this match proved why he has been on top for so long, you can count on him. ...

I saw the match and his injury happened very early. It was a simple arm drag, but for Triple H it was just a simple step that sent him away to surgery. The match then went on for quite some time after that, and John Cena put up a convincing show while working with what he had left. He even did a back suplex that looked quite painful given the state of his shoulder. Making his STFU work for the finish, brilliant. My respect for Cena is way up.

However, it wasn't one person who made that match good despite such a drastic injury. First of all there was his opponent, Mr. Kennedy. Once he knew what was going on he did a great job of working him over, without messing with his arm at all. Then there is Orton, who also did a great job of taking care of Cena and still putting on a great show. Many people may not notice but this kind of thing is where the referees of the WWE really shine. He made sure both Kennedy and Orton were aware of the situation and taking care of Cena. Even Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross did a good job of not bringing attention to it and putting the focus on the actions that were taking place.

Bravo, the entertainers in the WWE are amazing.

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