[Official]Flex Builder in Linux

A little while back I posted some details about a hack to get Flex Builder working in linux. I've also been watching the Adobe blogs and other Flex Builder associated information sources. The same question always comes up when Adobe asks, "Any questions?". Yes, when is Flex Builder coming out for Linux. ...

In the Penguin.swf blog, an Adobe blog dedicated to Flash related products running in a linux environment, today I saw this post.

Adobe's Flex Builder is coming to Linux. You can download the public alpha of the tool over on the appropriate labs page.

My shock and disbelief led me to the appropriate labs page.

From the looks of things it looks much the same as the hacked version, except that it plays nicer with Eclipse 3.3. I'll be trying this out myself and see how well it does. If it does well with an MXML file, even if design view doesn't currently work, I will be very happy. Less back and forth OS switching at home :)


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