Biased/Edited Media

The following video shows a clip that aired on CNN's Death Grip:Inside Pro Wrestling

Now the WWE has been bit before by media agencies that edit what the wrestlers say so that it comes across more incriminating. I believe Mick Foley mentioned in one of his books how he should have had a WWE camera at the taping so that the true version could be available for people. Read on for the unedited version from the WWE camera. ...

In CNN's defense, Cena did say this in regards to the question. However, the reason he answered that was missed because it was edited out. Not to mention they did not show the first thing he answered after the question was asked, "Absolutely Not."

While I may have lauded John Cena for making it through his match with a torn pectoral muscle, I am not a Cena fan. As big as Cena is, he seems naturally built compared to a lot of others. Including, I'll admit, my favorite Triple H a few years back. However, the media is required by ad revenue to make stories more selacious. They need people to talk around the water cooler about the subject. This is just one more example of the requirement in this world to look past what appears to be truth to see what is actually there. To do this requires that we think for ourselves and question everything.

Wrestling Fans Are Fake

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