What's a caucus?

For a long time we heard about the Iowa caucuses and how important it is to the election. However, I just thought it was another type of election in a booth. Well it's not and I found out more by reading some of the comments on the Bill Richardson for President Iowa Caucuses open thread. In the comments there is a great post titled "From Precinct 1, Boone County Iowa" that describes the process quite well. It sounds very exciting to be a part of that! ...

Here is a taste of the post that really explains how a caucus works. Make sure to check out the actual post.

We quickly got organized, did a head count, and had 39 supporters. WOW! A viable group that would take 2 of the 10 delegates from our precinct.

Now comes the fun part. There are 20 for Biden, 8 for Dodd, 4 for Kucinich and a hand full of undecideds. It's time to get to work.

This is sooooo what a democracy is all about. Thoughtful participation by citizens taking time to have their voice heard. A caucus requires much more time and effort than a primary or general election. You have to want to be involved and committed.

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