A Different Debate - January 13th

One of the many things that bugs me about politics in the US is that we focus on such a small group of people who are running. Not only does the media pay most of its attention to the front runners in the Democratic and Republican parties but barely a whisper is heard about anything else. There is something else out there. In fact there are many other parties to look at. I've been looking a lot lately at the Green Party, whose ten key values I can easily stand by. Today I got an email that there will be a debate on January 13th in San Francisco, CA. ...

The scheduled debaters are:
- Ralph Nader
- Cynthia McKinney
- Jared Ball
- Kent Mesplay
- Jesse Johnson
and they are waiting to hear from Kat Swift.

This is pretty exciting except that there doesn't appear to be any live broadcast of the event. I think this would be a great thing for NPR/PBS to be on top of. It does appear that an audio recording of the event will be available at the event's webpage after the debate.

Being that it is in the bay area, you think they could find someone who could videotape it with decent quality and upload the video(s) to youtube( or some other service ) and create a playlist so it could be watchable after the fact. Let's hope that happens as we live in a day and age of visual media. People want to see their candidates.

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