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This quote of the day is in French so the post title is apropos( pun intended ).

Originally posted by François-Marie Arouet, dit VOLTAIRE, Le Sottisier, Pensées détachées:

Quand on ne voyage qu'en passant, on prend les abus pour les lois du pays.

... The english translation: When one travels only in passing, one takes abuses for the country's laws.

It is important to travel in order to experience different cultures. By seeing differences in culture we can see that it is possible to handle things differently. Whether it be getting rid of traditions, gaining new ones, just another way of passing the time or learning that life ain't that bad - other cultures have a lot to teach us about living life.

This quote of the day was pulled from the quote of the day for Jeudi, Janvier 31 2008 at

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