Being funny

I've talked before about my admiration for entertainers, especially comedians. I recently read an amazing article in Smithsonian Magazine about Steve Martin. Absolutely great insight into what it took him to succeed. ...

There was a belief that one appearance on "The Tonight Show" made you a star. But here are the facts. The first time you do the show, nothing. The second time you do the show, nothing. The sixth time you do the show, someone might come up to you and say, "Hi, I think we met at Harry's Christmas party." The tenth time you do the show, you could conceivably be remembered as being seen somewhere on television. The 12th time you do the show, you might hear, "Oh, I know you. You're that guy."

I've always thought Steve Martin was funny. I remember having arguments with a friend about who was more funny, Steve Martin or Bill Cosby. I love them both, but at the time I thought Steve Martin was the best. It's great to see his initial vision of what his comedy should look like and how it evolved, ever so slightly, over time. It's also a great read to remind you that it takes years of work to be an overnight success.

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