Flex 360 - Atlanta

This week I am at the Flex 360 conference in Atlanta. As this is the first Flex conference I've been able to go to I am very excited. Today is the official first day and I am sure they will talk about how Flex 3 and AIR are now currently live, since that is exactly what happened as of sometime last night. I wonder what other nuggets of information they have in store for us. I'll share with you what I can. ...

Today may be the official first day of the conference but yesterday was the day of hands on pretraining. Since I got here early in the morning I went to the all day Flex 101 session. While the session was very basic, it was a 101 session after all, I learned that many people coming from other backgrounds might need more help jumping into the fray. So, while I will still try to write my articles on cool tips and tricks you might not know about, I will start to write more articles at the 101 level to help people jump right into the Flex platform. With AIR finally in release, it is an exciting time to be a part of the flex community.

Well, off to the keynote. I'll write more as I hear it.

Flex 360 - Day 1

Nader, Meet the Press