YahooFlexMap part 2 is available

Part 2 in my multipart series about creating a Flex component fromt he new Yahoo! map API for actionscript 3 is now available in the my.opera Flexcoders group blog.

In part 1 of my series on making a flex component out of the new Yahoo! Maps API for actionscript 3 I talked about the reasons I was taking the time to componentize something I could easily build with pure actionscript. Today I will be talking through the basics of creating a visual component. While these basics are covered at the LiveDocs for Flex 3, I will go over them in a slightly different way, as well as talk about how they affect the Yahoo! map component in particular.

Also make sure to join the Flexcoders group as it is new and looking for new members. At the very least, feel free to ask questions in the forum.

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