A little from Kent Mesplay

Kent Mesplay seems to come across as a quieter Presidential candidate from the Green Party. When he speaks though, he comes across as very intelligent. I've liked him since the Green Party debates in January. However, being quiet, I don't hear much from him very often. So I was quite happy to see his name in an article, not as part of a list of Green Party presidential candidates but as the focus of the article. He talks about Nader running as an independent, Jesse Johnson's recent vocal endorsement from Mike Gravel and what Green's need to do to get noticed by the media. ...

Also at the end of the post is a short clip from a documentary called "Seriously Green" so that people can put a face to Kent Mesplay.

And here is a blog radio interview with Kent Mesplay as well. (So you can put a voice to the name I guess :) )

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