Fish Out of Water

In the 2004 elections the WWE invited the Presidential candidates, John Kerry and President George W. Bush, to debate in front of a live WWE audience. As you may have guessed( or remembered ), it didn't happen. This election cycle is a little different. Rather than debate, the candidates were invited to submit a video to address the WWE fans on Monday Night Raw. This must have seemed more politically safe because the three major party candidatates each has a video this past Monday. I must say, they were all out of their element. ...

To me they each seemed out of their element. The stream of catch phrases was a little annoying( one or two is enough ). I also feel that they didn't respect the fans intelligence enough, or at least whoever wrote the speeches didn't. Sure, the WWE fans like catch phrases - but only ones that they have latched on too from people who have earned the fans respect. I'm impressed that they took the "political" chance, but they still need some work.

It would be great to see how a former wrestler running for office would handled the situation. There always seems to be a rumor that Jesse Ventura will make a run, I'm sure his speech would have been much more audience appropriate. I keep wondering, "How would I have done it different?"

For a wrestler's perspective, here is JBL on Fox news:

Lieberman v2.0.0.8

Nader on C-SPAN