Lieberman v2.0.0.8

Being a fan of minor parties and independent candidates, especially Ralph Nader, I read and hear lots of arguments about how much better of a President Al Gore would have been as compared to George W. Bush. What people often forget is the role of Vice President in the executive branch. So it was nice to see an editorial in the New York Times all about what's new with Joe Lieberman in 2008. Most notably his devotion to Republican candidate John McCain. ...

Green Party and Nader supporters often cite that Al Gore is doing more for the environment outside of the politcal arena than he was able to do while he was Vice President. Much of that surrounds the corporate interests he was beholden to at the time.

We've seen some of the affects Dick Cheney has had on American policy, how would Lieberman have affected it? These are important questions to ask when people claim to know how much different things would be if Gore/Lieberman had won in 2000. Would they be different? Sure. What would be different? I don't know.

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